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around. After giving a short, high-pitched squeal, Rottik managed to control the pain. To show weakness in a place so public would have hurt his reputation. 'Alright, alright.' The Drazi's voice was dry and throaty. Vance made a mental note to ask Bakkatt to teach him the hold he was using. Bakkatt released the Drazi, who quickly clenched his ill-treated hand. 'No need to be so violent. I thought you Minbari were peace loving.' Then, glancing at Vance, 'Well, at least before the war. No offence.'

Vance did not answer, and Bakkatt leaned forward again impatiently. 'He was investigating the Thath Vorak,' said the Drazi quickly, not wanting to invoke Bakkatt's wrath once more. 'Or more specifically, a member of the Thath Vorak named Musan Volt. Apparently Musan Volt had been having the occasional "rendezvous" with someone that concerned Keldulan. He was on his way to spy on one of Volt's meetings when he was, er, disappeared.'

Vance knew of the Thath Vorak, a group of Drazi, most of them venerable, who influenced, or more often meddled in, the political and military concerns of the Freehold. Much like the Freemasons of Earth, their numbers mostly comprised ex-military and businessmen of wealth.

'Where can I find this Musan Volt?' asked Bakkatt.

'He resides in the Merchant's Quarter,' answered the Drazi, 'and is not difficult to find. But be careful, as he is a powerful man, very influential. I'd hate to see you upset the wrong people and go missing like your friend.'

'Let us worry about that. What kind of security can we expect?'

'How would I know? I'm just a lowly-'

'You're telling me Keldulan didn't have you reconnoitre Volt's movements before he went to investigate him? I find that hard to believe. That makes me think you're lying, which also makes me
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