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two minutes as ordered, Vance entered the drinking den, bowing his head to avoid the low doorway. The stench of pungent Drazi ale assaulted his nostrils and almost choked him. A smoky haze from the weed of the den's patrons choked the room. The strained violence of the city was replaced here with a strangely subdued atmosphere.

Bakkatt was already seated in one corner with a sleepy-looking Drazi. Vance walked over as Jerklenn and Merreck entered the drinking den behind him. The Drazi looked up and smiled as the trio approached, really little more than a leer, as though the Drazi was showing his disdain for social niceties. The Rangers sat in the spare seats at the table.

'You have babysitters, Bakkatt? Or are you babysitting them?' The Drazi laughed at his own joke. Bakkatt remained silent, locking the Drazi in a stony gaze. The smile soon slipped from the Drazi's lips. 'Straight on to business then, eh? Serious as always, Bakkatt. I've come to expect that. That's why I like you Minbari. You always know what you're going to get.'

'Keldulan,' said Bakkatt suddenly. 'Tell me where he is, Rottik. Right now.'

The Drazi leaned back, as though hurt by Bakkatt's commanding tone. 'Your guess is as good as mine. But I think he was beginning to stick his nose into places it wasn't wanted.'

'Explain,' ordered Bakkatt. It was obvious his patience was growing thin.

A smile spread across the Rottik's face, and he reclined in his seat. 'Keldulan was most generous with his rewards for the information I gave him. Are you so generous?'

Slowly, Bakkatt reached into his robe and withdrew his clenched fist. He held it out over the table. The Drazi eagerly opened his palm beneath Bakkatt's fist. In a flash, Bakkatt grabbed the Rottik's hand and twisted it almost all the way
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