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the Drazi homeworld. I was receiving weekly reports from him, but last week they suddenly stopped. A few reasons for this are possible: capture or death being the obvious two. We will travel to Zhabar and meet with Keldulan's Drazi informant, then take our investigation from there. Any questions?'

Gruff and straight to the point, thought Vance. This wasn't what he had come to expect of the Minbari, but he liked it nonetheless. When there were no questions, Bakkatt retook his seat.

'I know the three of you are inexperienced,' said Sinclair, 'and this may seem like a dangerous mission for your first time, but I have every confidence you will do well. You are Anla'shok. Remember that.' Although Sinclair looked at all three of them before he continued, Vance heard the subtext of the message loud and clear. 'Take note of Bakkatt, as he is our most experienced brother. Consider him your teacher during this mission. Dismissed.'

With that they all stood. Bakkatt exited first, but before any of the others could leave, Sinclair motioned for them to stop. 'I would like to speak with the three of you alone,' he said, gesturing to Merreck, Vance and Jerklenn. Durhan and Turval bowed and left without a word. As the door closed, Sinclair regarded his new Anla'shok with a furrowed brow. 'Now, I know there's been plenty of talk of this "live for the One, die for the One" credo. Well, just this once, since this is your first mission, I want you all to forget about that. When you have a few missions under your belt, then valiant and heroic deaths are allowed. Until then, if you find yourselves in trouble, run like hell. Do I make myself clear?'

Vance and Jerklenn nodded their agreement. Merreck did not move an inch. Sinclair looked at him, his brow relaxing. Vance could tell that
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