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your mission. When the rest of your team arrive, I will give you further details.'

Vance sat in an uncomfortable silence for several seconds, before a stout knock at the door offered respite. Dur-han opened it and allowed Jerklenn to enter. Vance's spirits soared. He could hardly contain his delight. Not only did he consider Jerklenn a close friend, she was practically invincible with a denn'bok. He could think of no one else he would rather be in a tight spot with.

Jerklenn bowed to Durhan, Turval and Sinclair. She was introduced to Bakkatt and took the seat next to Vance. Within seconds there was another rap at the door. Vance realised the mission must be dangerous indeed to require four Anla'shok.

'Merreck, this is Bakkatt,' said Sinclair. Vance couldn't bring himself to look around. He had the best and worst comrades he could have asked for on this mission. Hopefully, now that they were offically Anla'shok, the ill will would disappear.

Merreck took his seat in silence, acknowledging neither Vance nor Jerklenn. Sinclair regarded them all with his usual thoughtfulness. 'You are all aware of what is coming. The Shadows are rising, and they have been for some time. As a consequence, we have been monitoring several governments and their representatives for any sign of Shadow influence. Bakkatt is in charge of several Rangers on surveillance throughout the Drazi Freehold.' With that he nodded to the scar-faced Minbari, who stood and regarded the three fledgling Rangers.

Bakkatt's voice rumbled deeply when he spoke. 'For some time now we have been concerned about the Drazi. Their violent nature makes them susceptible to, and an obvious target for, Shadow manipulation. As a consequence, they have been closely monitored. Keldulan was: is the Ranger posted on Zhabar,
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