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walk the path of the Ranger, but a number of tasks lay ahead before you can do this.' The assembled trainees sat obediently, hanging on Turval's every word. 'Some of you will find the tasks ahead rewarding, while others will see them only as obstacles to be overcome. However you consider them, remember they are necessary to your acceptance into the Anla'shok. Embrace them.'

The acolytes awoke the next morning to be greeted by several Anla'shok but none of their actual instructors. They were taken - without breakfast, much to Vance's chagrin- straight to a transport and flown across the surface of Minbar. The long and silent journey unnerved Vance and several others, but the acolytes knew better than to question the more experienced Anla'shok.

Eventually the transport touched down in a sparse area of desert. From the trajectory and position of the sun, Vance could only guess they were in the planet's southern hemisphere, thousands of miles from Tuzanor. In a silent procession, the acolytes left the transport and followed their leaders across the barren landscape, walking for what seemed like hours. Soon, Vance could make out their destination. The sound reached him first: the clank of heavy machinery. In a place like this, such a sound could only come from a mining facility. When they reached the installation, Vance noted the building and machinery looked like something out of a history book detailing Earth in the twentieth century.

As they descended into the complex, Vance's spirits lifted at the sight of Turval's familiar figure awaiting them. They obediently lined up in front of him as the Minbari addressed them, raising his voice above the incessant noise. 'Humility is important for all, not just Anla'shok. I have already warned you there would be a heavy task
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