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continued. 'Only, when our father died, we were sent to different guardians. It has been as difficult for him as it was for me.' Vance was suddenly confused. Jerklenn was making little sense. What did she mean by "our father"? Jerklenn looked into his eyes. It was obvious she could see his sudden confusion. 'Merreck is my brother,' she said gently.

Vance's eyes widened. Impossible! 'But how? You're Religious Caste and he's Warrior Caste.' Even as he spoke the words, he understood that this revelation answered most of his questions.

'When our father was killed, Neroon took my brother in but had no need for me. He took the child whom he deemed the strongest, and he groomed my brother to be his prot©g©. I was sent to family friends in the Religious Caste. I had not seen my brother for many years, until we arrived at the Ranger Academy.'

'I thought the Religious Caste was a peaceful order. You're the best denn'bok fighter I've seen, apart from Dur-han.'

'Yes, we are a peaceful order. But it does not mean we are ignorant to the ways of martial training. My father trained both Merreck and I in the way of the denn'bok, and many other fighting methods as well. In the Religious Caste this did not stop. My foster parents respected my father's wishes that I be versed in all modes of combat. It is better to have training and not need it, than to need it and: well, I think you know the adage.'

Vance found himself smiling and Jerklenn suddenly stopped. 'You're just full of surprises, aren't you? And all this time I thought you were a peace-loving girl. You're a real dark horse.'

'I am peace loving. Even those of the Warrior Caste are peace loving. Nobody loves war, Vance, but the Minbari have simply realised that war is an unavoidable part of life and to be prepared
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