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desperate to stop her. Surely she could not know the rules of the combat circle. Those who entered could be challenged, could even be killed. Merreck himself looked shocked, as though he had no idea how to react to the situation. Then he took two swift steps backward, again adopting a defensive stance. At the same time Jerklenn spun her denn'bok and slid down into a remas stance. That surely couldn't be right. Vance himself had not studied all the moves and techniques that followed on from the remas.

With a growl, Merreck burst forward, his weapon spinning in an almost invisible web of strikes. Jerklenn didn't take a single step backward as she parried each one, wielding her denn'bok with a master's skill.

Merreck swiftly retreated, glancing from Jerklenn, who stood resolutely before him, to Vance, who was still on all fours on the ground behind her. His nostrils flared and anger welled in his eyes. Vance had never seen Merreck lose his cool before, but something in this particular situation had him riled.

The big Minbari stared back at Jerklenn, his eyes narrowing, his teeth gritted, stopping some unspoken Minbari curse from spurting forth. Again he raced forward, bringing his denn'bok round in a devastating arc. Jerklenn ducked and spun, retreating in a blur of speed and ending up at Merreck's flank. Her denn'bok flashed downward, connecting with Merreck's heel. He stumbled and flung his arms out in an attempt to hold his balance. At the same time Jerklenn's free arm snaked forward and snatched Merreck's denn'bok from his hand. She swiftly twirled each weapon simultaneously and brought them to rest in the crook of each arm.

Merreck, now incensed, snarled as he charged, unarmed, at Jerklenn. She flung one of the denn'boks toward him. Merreck grabbed the weapon
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