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He took any chance he could to damage the Minbari advance, and by God he suffered for it. It wasn't medals or glory. He was never interested in any of that. It was his wife and son. Trust me, I know. We spoke about it more than once. You know, for a while I was jealous of him. For what he had. I'm not married and I've never had children. In some ways I think the war was easier for me. I had less to lose. He knew if he died he'd be leaving you both behind, but there was no other way. He was happy to sacrifice himself to give you both a chance at life. Then he was captured and tortured, and when he eventually returned he found his wife had died.'

Sinclair continued, still looking at the heavens. 'Can you really blame him for what he did? I know you think he's interfered in your life, Vance. I know you blame him for a lot of things that have happened, but he always wanted the best for you. Why do you think he sent you here? He knows you're one of the best. He's prouder than you know.'

'Then why has he never said it?' Vance said through clenched teeth.

'Some men just aren't built that way. Some are good with words. Some aren't. Your father was always good at being a soldier. Don't think for a minute that because he can't say it he doesn't feel it.'

They could no longer pick out any detail of the Min-bari landscape other than the glittering crystals in the distance. Vance was glad of the darkness. 'I hope you'll think about what I've said.' Sinclair patted Vance on the shoulder and turned to leave. 'Oh, just one thing,' he said suddenly. 'Merreck is of the Star Rider's clan. It would do you well to learn of their traditions.'

With that he left.

Vance could only wonder what the Star Riders' traditions would do to help him beat Merreck. He cared little anyway.
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