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clan. Your father's dishonour cannot be easily forgiven.'

Vance clenched his fists. The talk of his father's dishonour angered him. The Minbari showed no honour in their slaughter of humans. Worse yet, despite what he learned about his father, he could not help but blame him for the current situation. 'Why does everyone keep talking of his dishonour? He was doing what he had to do to fight an enemy that was dedicated to destroying the entire human race? Can anyone here understand that?'

Jerklenn nodded her head slowly, searching for words. 'I understand. But perhaps it is you who does not understand.' Her voice was strong and clear, although she kept her eyes on the ground in front of her.

Anger began to creep into Vance's words. 'What is there to understand? My father is being criticised for doing the same thing that the Minbari were doing to countless humans. Killing. Does it really matter how?'

'The killing, on both sides, was terrible and unfortunate. Perhaps the stronger of the two sides in any conflict, not being as desperate as the weaker, feels superior enough to dictate the terms of what is honourable and what is not. But regardless of the reality of the situation, you are on Minbar now. You don't have to accept the feelings others have about your father, but you have to recognize that people are going to have them.'

Everywhere Vance turned, his father seemed to be there already, lining his way with booby traps. 'And I thought this might be a clean start,' Vance said.

'You should still believe that,' Jerklenn replied. 'We will soon be Anla'shok. Our focus must be on defeating the enemies to come, and the phantoms of our past should be forgotten.'

'That's just the point; these phantoms aren't mine. They don't belong to me. They are my father's,
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