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know this comes as a shock to you,' said Turval. 'When you first came, we did not fully know the truth ourselves. It would be no shame upon you if you wanted to leave and return to your EarthForce.'

Slowly Vance looked into Turval's sympathetic eyes. 'What's done is done,' he said. Vance didn't even know if he meant the words, but it didn't matter. His head told him it was the right thing to say. 'There are more important things than old feuds to consider here.'

Turval nodded, a smile returning to his face. 'Of course, I will speak to Merreck on this matter.'

'No,' replied Vance. 'We are Anla'shok. He said himself we would soon be brothers. It is between us.'

'I understand. I must leave now.' Turval glanced once more to the statue of Valen. 'This is a good place for reflection.' With that, he silently left the temple.

Vance stayed a while to enjoy the serenity of the Chapel. The long-dead face of Valen looked down on him, and he felt as though it were watching over him, reassuring him. With a renewed feeling of purpose, he walked from the Chapel and out into the streets of Tuzanor.

The beauty of the city could only be truly appreciated by walking its maze of streets. Vance lacked the time and inclination until now. His appreciation of architecture was limited, but even he had to admit the place was wondrous, easily matching the best Earth had to offer.

Though known as the City of Sorrows, Vance did not get any morose feeling as he wandered. The busy Minbari faces took the time to nod and smile and the problems he faced in the academy did not follow him out onto Tuzanor's streets.

Vance came to a wide square, its edges lined with onyx and marble statues depicting various figures from Minbari history. The legends at the bottom of each statue were difficult
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