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the differences between our cultures' moralistic views on war, the fact is your father was a very prolific and successful assassin. Toward the end of the war, EarthForce became even more desperate, and he was sent to eradicate a number of Minbari war leaders. It was a suicide mission, and he was not meant to return. During his mission he was partly successful, but before he could kill Neroon, the last of his targets, he was captured.'

'So this is what it's about. My father tried to kill Neroon, so now his nephew sees it as his personal goal to bury me.'

'Not exactly. One of the war leaders your father assassinated was Merkhat, Merreck's father and brother to Neroon.'

Vance had no idea what to say. If Merreck had been responsible for the death of his own father, he would no doubt have the same attitude. Even though he and the Colonel were not close - and sometimes Vance even hated the man - he was sure that he would want vengeance if his father was assassinated and Vance knew the identity of the culprit.

'Neroon had your father tortured for weeks. Even beyond the end of the war. With his mother dead there was no one to care of Merreck, and Neroon took the boy under his wing, intending to hold your father captive until Merreck was old enough to take his own vengeance and restore his family's honor. This may well have happened had the Grey Council not discovered Neroon's plan and ordered him to release your father. Merreck feels he has been cheated out of his revenge.'

This information left Vance in a stunned silence. He wanted to hate his father but couldn't now that he knew the truth behind his long absences. He wanted to hate Mer-reck, but the Minbari was only seeking a vengeance that Vance himself would most likely seek under the same circumstances.

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