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he had to try a little improvisation. Durhan had taught him well, but their limited training covered only the proper moves. Vance's experience told him an infinite number of combinations could be performed freestyle, but he just didn't know them yet. Vance was going to have to fight "EarthForce-style dirty" if this battle was going to have an outcome that didn't involve another stay in the infirmary.

Before Merreck could strike, Vance leaned in, feinting the start of the mashuk'gari, a long and complicated move involving a kicking spin. Thankfully, Merreck leaned backwards, adopting the stance to carry out the appropriate parrying sequence. With one end of his denn'bok, Vance struck down, smashing one end into Merreck's bare foot. The Minbari's squeal was music to his ears.

Seizing the initiative, he moved in, feinting the start of the katrat'voras. Stumbling back, Merreck positioned his denn'bok laterally to parry. Vance moved in, sweeping his weapon behind him and landing a head butt right on the bridge of Merreck's nose.

Both combatants reeled back. Vance miscalculated the solidity of Merreck's head. Blood poured from one of Mer-reck's nostrils, and Vance was satisfied to see anger flaring in his eyes. Hopefully his anger would lead to a mistake.

Merreck sprinted forward, and at the last second slid across the ground, attempting to hook his legs around Vance's and flip him over. Vance leapt above him, quickly turning and sweeping low with his denn'bok. He missed, but forced Merreck into a rolling retreat. Seizing on Mer-reck's vulnerability, Vance struck as his opponent turned. They brought their weapons up simultaneously and the denn'boks clashed. Vance knew that a standoff favoured the stronger Minbari.

He tried a twist, but Merreck anticipated the move,
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