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a crowd, especially when that crowd was solely composed of non-humans, challenged his skills. Eventually, Vance found he could walk amongst the Minbari and appear as one of them from a distance, with the help of a hood and some slender wire.

The lessons that Vance enjoyed the most, however, and the ones he excelled at, were combat training. This did not solely involve the denn'bok. Vance mastered an array of weapons, from the faithful PPG to the Li'vath precision laser. Vance found himself unmatched at ranged combat and, much to his relief, even Merreck could not best him on the shooting range.

Tutors trained the acolytes in a number of hand-to-hand techniques, including traditional forms of wrestling and a number of non-human martial arts. The training in martial weapons, particularly the Ka'Toc and the ventar, fascinated Vance most of all. The Narn Ka'Toc was much like a ka-tana, but heavier and more deadly. All the Anla'shok treated the weapon with respect and reverence, for any Narn who held one was not permitted to sheath it without first drawing blood. The ventar was a Minbari weapon, no longer in common use. The ancient sword was used in the first wars of the Minbari, when their clans would fight each other for dominance. Much like a broadsword from Earth, but more intricately carved and better balanced, the ventar seemed to know instinctively what the wielder wanted to do. Vance believed the sword fit his palm perfectly, and he felt strongly that if Durhan had been teaching him this weapon as opposed to the denn'bok, Merreck would have stood no chance.

Nevertheless, Vance continued his denn'bok training. In addition to the standard lessons, which Durhan taught during the day and gradually filled with more and more acolytes, Vance's evening training continued.
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