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every moment we exist is a gift we must earn anew each day. If we must relinquish this life that others may live, we do so without hesitation. We go to the dark places where no one else dares venture. We are explorers that show the way between uncaring stars, charting the course that others may follow when it is their time to pass. We are the guards, the keepers, the seekers and the warders. We never waver in our vigilance and on our watch there is no shadow that can slip beyond our notice. We stand on the bridge between history and the future, allowing no darkness to pass.'

There was a pause, and Vance wondered whether to open his eyes. He dared not, for fear of breaking the spell Sinclair wove with his eloquence.

'I am a Ranger,' Sinclair began again. 'Anla'shok tulat. Entil'zha Veni.'

With this, the Anla'shok that lined the walls surrounding the main hall repeated in unison, 'Anla'shok tulat! Entil'zha Veni!'

'Over the course of your training you will learn the Creed of the Anla'shok in full.' Vance and the rest of the trainees took Sinclair's words as a signal to open their eyes. 'You will find it a comfort and a help to you during your time here and beyond.' He paused once more, drinking in the sight of the men and women under his care. 'All I can say to you now is good luck.'

With that he turned, unceremoniously, and marched from the great hall, closely followed by the other Anla'shok as Sech Turval walked to the front of the hall. 'You have heard the words of the Anla'shok Na. Heed them well. Now, meditate on what you have heard. You will be called one at a time to face the Mark of Fire. If any of you wish to leave now and return to the rest of your fellows, you are excused without shame.'

Nobody moved. Vance immediately adopted his favoured position
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