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for them, for they would have their chance to back down once they knew what the Mark of Fire entailed. All he wanted was to get on with it and finally have the chance to prove himself.

'I am a Ranger.' Again Sinclair's words rang out clear as a bell through the great hall. Vance focused on them entirely. Maybe within this litany, this Creed of the Anla'shok, there would be some clue to passing the Mark of Fire. 'There is a darkness in the universe. I am the light that seeks out every place that the shadow might hide. I burn brightly when there is need for light and I dim when there is cause to remain unseen. The stars have called and I have answered. There are forces moving amongst them that cannot be allowed to rally. I have been called and I have answered. The minions of the darkness can be given no rest and no safe places to hide. I have been called and still I answer. The shadows will consume me if I venture too close but if I do not bring the light to them, none will survive. I am called to my destiny and I will forever answer.'

Vance began to think back to the conversation he'd had with his father back on Babylon 5. The Colonel had spoken about an ancient evil that the Anla'shok prepared for thousands of years to face. This must be what Sinclair was referring to. Vance's interest was piqued. This, along with Sinclair's serious and ritualistic tone, made him take the words much more seriously than he would ever have expected.

'The night is dark, the road is long and the way is filled with danger,' Sinclair continued. 'The path I walk, I walk alone. I will make my way to the end because the road leads to salvation. If I falter, all will falter. If I fail, all hope is lost. I will not fall; surrender is not an option. I am a Ranger. I come together with my brothers
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