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of glowing crystals dotted the ridge, forming a dimly illuminated ring around Tuzanor.

'We call the ring of crystals the Se'en Voltayn: The Veil of Bright Dreams,' said Turval.

'I've never seen anything like it. It's beautiful.'

'I am pleased you like my city. Of all the places on Minbar, it is said that this was Valen's favourite. Much has changed since then, but it still bears the same atmosphere. When I walk Tuzanor's streets, I imagine I get much the same feeling as Valen did a thousand years ago.'

Vance could see a faint smile spread across Turval's face as the Minbari reflected. The flyer navigated between the sparkling minarets. Despite the sodden, miserable night, Vance could not deny the city's splendour. Few humans had ever seen this humbling view.

Turval guided the flyer toward a wide landing pad, his hands flashing over the multicoloured panels. The flyer responded by easing itself down, coming to a smooth and gentle landing.

'Come,' said Turval. The Minbari made his way to the exit hatch, which opened of its own accord. Vance grabbed his kit bag and followed.

Rain pounded the wide landing pad. Vance had to squint against the stinging drops. 'It is likely we have missed the welcoming ceremony,' shouted Turval above the sound of the splashing rain. 'But we should hurry nonetheless.' The tall Minbari did not run, but his stride was unbelievably long. Vance struggled to match his pace without breaking into a jog. They walked across the landing pad towards a tall, striking building. Vance noticed three large weapon mounts on the side of it that occasionally swivelled, their barrels covering several directions. The building itself seemed carved from a single piece of obsidian, randomly interspersed with glowing crystals.

As they approached,
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