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dangerous race outside the Vorlon Empire. Vance thought back to the devastation of the war - his father's war. Now he entered the nest of the enemy his father had sworn to defeat. And he had been sent by the Colonel.

As they drew closer, a Sharlin warship sailed toward them like some huge aquatic beast floating in an invisible sea. Turval's hand flashed over one of the panels and the Sharlin changed course, moving away from the flyer. Vance guessed they were passing a security check by a planetary defence ship. Not a word was spoken, and both ships com municated to one another without either pilot having to interact. If this had been EarthForce protocol, the security process would still be happening. Vance couldn't help but admire the Minbari's efficiency.

Within minutes, the flyer entered Minbar's atmosphere, dropping through the heavy cloud cover. Vance could see little through the cockpit window as heavy drops of rain splashed silently against it. For several tense minutes the flyer was shrouded in blackness, then Vance could see the coruscating lights of a city. 'Tuzanor,' Turval said, his first words in several hours. 'The City of Sorrows.'

Vance could see majestic spires rising into the night. The closer they got, the more he could see of the illuminated towers, linked by a maze-like system of walkways. 'It looks amazing. Why the depressing name?' he asked.

'Our order has not always been well received by the Grey Council or the Warrior Caste. Over the centuries, many conflicts took place between the Anla'shok and those we wished to protect. The greatest of these was fought centuries ago, and millions died within Tuzanor's boundaries.'

They were within a kilometre of the city now, flying over a ridge that encircled the entire metropolis. Hundreds of thousands
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