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supposed to delight in their victories? Respect he could understand, as he already had an uncompromising and painfully learned respect for Minbari martial prowess, but the place of the other tenets in the life of a Ranger seemed to be a mystery.

At the end of the session, Vance felt none the wiser. Never the most academically inclined recruit, he believed in working hard to gain knowledge as needed. Philosophy was a whole new experience for him, but he could see from the avid looks on the other trainees' faces that this was their bread and butter.

When the tutor excused them from their lesson, several recruits looked ready to pass out. Before they reached their quarters, the biggest Minbari Vance had ever seen approached. He was obviously Anla'shok, and he did not bow or give any sign of greeting; he simply barred Vance's way.

'Initiate Vance,' said the Ranger, his voice a deep rumble. 'The Anla'shok Na wishes to speak with you.' Just what he needed: beaten, confused and now about to be grilled by the top dog.

Jeff Sinclair's office was bereft of any trinkets, memorabilia or anything that could be described as home comforts. He sat behind a simple desk in a bare room, poring over a number of files. Vance could see these contained background information on current and potential recruits.

'Please, take a seat,' said Sinclair, smiling warmly at Vance. From everything he had heard of the legend that was Commander Sinclair, Vance expected a much different man. 'We never got to talk before your entry into the Anla'shok. Now that you're here, I think this is as good a time as any for us to get acquainted.'

Vance sat down in the chair opposite Sinclair. 'So, how have you found your first day? Was it what you expected?' Sinclair asked, seeming genuinely interested.
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