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disdain, he found himself quite relaxed by the end of the first hour. No sudden epiphany or revelation struck him, and he certainly didn't feel he could move mountains with a thought, but after the lesson ended he was in a good frame of mind to accomplish the rest of the day's tasks.

Next was Minbari language instruction. A rather portly and studious-looking Minbari name Sech Nelier taught this lesson. Vance initially thought he would struggle - after all, he only knew Fik, the Warrior Caste dialect, and almost forty percent of the other students were Minbari. As it turned out, many of the Minbari from the Religious and Worker Caste were almost as ignorant about the nuances of the Warrior Caste dialect as Vance.

Throughout the lesson, Vance couldn't help glancing over at Merreck. The stern Minbari, who obviously knew all there was to know about his own Caste's dialect, sat stony-faced and completely silent. Vance quickly averted his eyes when he glanced over to catch Merreck staring in his direction. Anywhere else, he would have stood to con front Merreck, to demand what his problem was, but Vance didn't feel that tactic wise in the current situation. The Min-bari would have to wait.

Piloting proved to be the lesson where Vance's interest was truly piqued. The lesson took place on the hangar platform where Vance arrived the previous day. The strange gun ports still swivelled in a seemingly random dance, occasionally targeting the students as they stood listening to their tutor.

Sech Mishal was almost laid back for a Minbari. He didn't adopt the usual aloof manner, even smiling on occasion. It wasn't the tutor that interested Vance, though; it was the flyer, the same model that brought him to Tuzanor. At the time Vance thought his transport was a standard flyer
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