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be exclusive to the Warrior Caste, or the Minbari for that matter.'

Vance felt like burying his head in his hands. What had he joined in with? 'So nobody here has had any military training?' he asked.

'All Minbari are trained in the martial arts, but only for personal safety,' said the Minbari. 'Unfortunately, when Sinclair was appointed as Anla'shok Na, most of the Warrior Caste refused to join.'

'Great,' breathed Vance. 'OK, so you're all Religious or Worker Caste: or "travellers". Where are the guys from the Warrior Caste?' Vance looked around. Maybe he would be lucky, and perhaps the Warrior Caste would accept him as a kindred spirit.

'Only Merreck is of the Warrior Caste.'

'Alright, where is he?' said Vance looking around eagerly. Vance followed the female Minbari's gesture to the opposite side of the dining hall. There, staring directly at him with a familiar malice, was the Minbari who threatened him the previous night.

Vance turned back to his breakfast. Maybe training with civilians and religious types wouldn't be so bad after all.

* * *

Meditation was the first lesson. Vance only experienced it as part of martial arts training, and even then he never took it that seriously. After a heavy bout of fighting, trainees were told to sit and reflect on the lesson, but Vance used it as a ready excuse to get his breath back. Now he was expected to meditate for meditation's sake. This seemed crazy, and his focus was constantly interrupted by the itch for some real training.

Sech Turval taught the lesson, instructing them on the proper posture, which turned out to be relatively lax. Hands could be placed on knees, held across the chest or, as adopted by most of the Minbari, with the typical fingers-pressed-together pose. Despite Vance's initial
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