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expected the Colonel's face to crack into a smile and admit he was joking. But the thought of his father joking was an even more ridiculous idea than the Minbari wanting him to join a secret sect of warriors to fight some ancient, mythical evil. 'I know it's difficult to believe, James, but this is real. Sinclair and the Anla'shok showed me their archives, what they are preparing for. They are desperate for fresh blood, and their only hope is to enlist humans and members of their Worker and Religious Castes. The Warrior Caste has mostly refused to allow any of its members to join the Rangers due to Sinclair's appointment as their leader. It's up to the human recruits to show the way. If they can pass the Anla'shok training, it will show they are worthy to join.

I need the best, James. You're the best.'

'So you just volunteered me?' asked Vance, the weight of what his father was saying slowly sinking in.

'You're my son. As a show of faith, I had to make this gesture. Besides, you're top of your class in tactics, armed and unarmed combat, reconnaissance. Your test results

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