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him like this. 'This is serious. I've been there and I've seen it. I've seen what they can do. Sinclair showed me evidence of what's to come, and I'll tell you James, it scared me.' More than anything, that last state ment grabbed Vance's attention. His father had been on more covert missions than Vance could comprehend, faced death hundreds of times, and survived situations in which anyone else would have been killed. If something scared the Colonel, it must be worth fearing. 'The Anla'shok have been preparing for a thousand years for a war that will soon begin. They need recruits, Minbari and human, if they have any chance of beating this enemy. Sinclair told me they need more men, capable warriors who can fight covertly, move without being seen and kill without being heard. They need more recruits, but Minbar simply does not have the warriors to spare. Sinclair approached me to find men from Earth to join their number, but they need to be men I know I can trust. Who better to send him than my own son.'

'Wait a minute-'

'We don't have a minute, James. Shadows are coming. I need to find recruits who can pass their training methods and prove their worth to the Anla'shok. I need you to become one of the first human Rangers!'

The Flaming Crucible

Had the Colonel completely lost his mind? Maybe the Min-bari messed with his mind or tortured him in vengeance for his contribution to the war effort against them. Maybe this Sinclair had been indoctrinated into some Minbari sect and was now trying to turn his father too. Vance simply had no response to the Colonel's outrageous request. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, with nothing to break the silence but the lilting hum of idle chatter drifting across the restaurant. Any minute, Vance
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