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his brash customer who was even now wagging his finger at a bottle on one of the shelves. The bartender nodded and placed the bottle in front of the Centauri.

'Two glasses please. I am about to introduce my new friend to a fresh experience.' The Centauri looked up suddenly. 'My apologies, I have neglected to introduce myself. I am Londo Mollari, ambassador for the Centauri Republic.' He held out his hand. Vance grasped it warily.

'Vance. They just call me Vance.'

Londo shook Vance's hand vigorously then wasted no time pouring two generous draughts from the decanter-shaped bottle. 'Please, please. Put down that gaudy looking bottle of beer. Trust me, when you have tried this, you will never look back.' He handed one of the glasses to Vance. The liquid resembled brandy, but as Vance raised it to his lips he could smell a sweet, pungent aroma. Londo flicked back the glass, allowing the Brevari to slip down his throat. A smile crossed his face, and he slammed the glass down on the bar. Vance, thinking it the proper way, followed suit. He had tasted an array of alcoholic beverages in his time, but this was entirely different. As the liquid slipped down his throat, it burned with a strange cold sensation and seemed to cling to his insides. The aftertaste was slightly aniseedy.

'Good, yes?' shouted Londo, slapping Vance's back and nodding so vigorously the enormous tuft of hair atop his head wagged like a happy dog's tail. Vance was lost for words. 'Excellent! Another! Then we will discuss why you have come to this hive of villainy in the, how do you humans say: "ass end of nowhere".'

Vance desperately wanted to answer, but the Brevari coated his larynx like a quick-setting adhesive. Londo filled both glasses once again and swigged his down immediately. Vance picked
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