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could use that time to visit him.'

Vance couldn't believe his ears. Major Cleaver, the most feared man on the base, was acting like a kindly old uncle trying to reconcile a father and son. It made no sense.

'Did the Colonel tell you what this was about, sir?' asked Vance.

'Well son, I know you two have never seen eye to eye. I can only think that he wants to get to know you again.'

'I never really knew him to begin with, sir. I don't see any real reason to start now.'

'The Colonel and I have known each other for a long time. I fought under him in the Minbari War, and I owe him. Again, I'd see it as a personal favour to me if you'd go and see your father.' Major Cleaver suddenly transformed back into the stern leader Vance knew so well.

'I understand, sir, but I'm under no obligation to the Colonel. I've never relied on the Colonel's reputation to further my own career, and I don't feel I owe him anything.'

'I respect you wanting to make your own way, son. I can even understand why you refused to join the Officer's Academy and enlisted as a grunt. What I don't get is why you wouldn't want to get to know your father. He's a fine soldier and a great man.'

'With all due respect, Major, my father might have been a great soldier, but he was a lousy father and a worse husband to my mother. The last time I saw him was at my mother's funeral, and I don't care to see him again.'

'Understood.' The Major glanced down, a frown crossing his already wrinkled forehead. 'I didn't want to have to take this route, but you've left me no choice. As of tomorrow morning, your leave is cancelled. You are ordered to board the next available transport to the Babylon 5 Diplomatic Station, where you will meet Colonel Vance. You will be given further orders at that meeting.
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