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more with representatives of races he'd never seen before. On either side of a huge oak desk stood two standards: one representing the Earth Alliance, the other EarthForce itself. The green EarthForce standard bore several campaign in-signias, but the one that stood out the most was at the bot tom. It simply read: "Minbari".

The most impressive sight of all sat behind the desk. Major Cleaver's shock of grey hair was all Vance could see as he stood to attention. He waited for several seconds as the Major finished reading a blue-tinged letter. Vance couldn't make out the symbol at the top of the paper, but it looked alien.

'Sit down, Corporal Vance,' said the Major without looking up. Vance hesitated slightly at the totally unexpected invitation, wondering if it was a trick. After sliding carefully into the seat, he sat straight and rigid, uncomfortable with the entire situation. He took some comfort in the knowledge that this would be over soon. The Major obviously wanted to congratulate him on his recruitment to a Special Forces unit and send him on his way.

'You're probably wondering why I sent for you.' This was not the start Vance had expected. When he didn't answer, Major Cleaver continued. 'This is a little awkward for me, but I have a communiqu© from Colonel Vance, and he's asked me to give you a message, James. It's very important that you meet him on Babylon 5 immediately. 'Colonel Vance? His father? Vance's head began to spin; this whole situation was totally unexpected. Not only was the Major acting as a go between for Vance and his father, but he'd just used his first name!

'I know you and your father aren't exactly on speaking terms, but he wants to see you nonetheless. I know you have leave coming up, so I'd see it as a personal favour to me if you
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