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the galaxy.

Now, for the first time, their secret chronicles are told in a unique series of novels. The year is 2259. A shadow is falling across the galaxy and only the Anla'shok can stand against it.

But their numbers are small and for the first time in their thousand year history they must recruit Humans into their order. James Vance of Earthforce is among the first to be called and begin his training as a Ranger. Even before he can begin his first mission, he must not only contend with rigorous training, but also the prejudice of the Minbari and an unwelcome legacy.

Best of the Best

The first shockstick hummed past Vance's ear. As he ducked he anticipated the second one. Randell wielded a weapon in each hand, and he damned sure knew how to use them. Vance was convinced his opponent had gotten faster since they last faced one another.

As expected, the second shockstick flashed forward, forcing Vance backward and slightly off balance. Randell pressed his advantage, moving in tight, giving Vance little room to manoeuvre. He raised both shocksticks, preparing a double blow for his smaller opponent. Vance ducked low and spun, twisting his body behind Randell, whose weapons hit nothing but air.

Vance was now behind his opponent with the time he needed to strike. First a right, then a left pounded into Ran-dell's kidneys. The force of those punches would have been enough to bring down anyone, but Randell had two huge advantages. Built like a Sharlin warcruiser, big and graceful and tough as hell, he was also heavily padded, headgear and all. The fast and powerful blows knocked Randell forward, almost forcing him to drop one of his weapons, but the large man managed to keep his footing. He spun to face Vance, lashing out with one of the stinging shocksticks.
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