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do. Psi Corps was developed to keep telepaths in their place. An act of war, of suppression. You want to know who the real telepathic Resistance was? It was us. Protecting ourselves against you. Sure, along the way we protected you, too, whether you knew it or not, and more than you will ever know.

"But in the end, all of us inside knew what was coming. That one day some bright boy would hit upon the 'final solution' for the 'telepath problem,' and there we would be, all caged up and ready for the gas. Only we didn't play the game that way.

"Now you're upset. Who can blame you? Hitler would have been upset, too, if the Jews in Warsaw had turned out to be armed to the teeth and ready to fight."

"Oh, come on-"

"No, Senator. You come on. You want to pretend a century and a half of continual violence against telepaths never existed? Fine. You want to pretend that Psi Corps wasn't created by the EA Senate? Fine. You want to silence me, lock me away, maybe even kill me? Well and good. But you know the truth. In your hearts, all of you do. This isn't over. You've divided and conquered, scattered my people. And yet, they still wear the badges, don't they? They still have to report to be examined, don't they? They're still registered at birth, marked more certainly and permanently than anyone who ever wore an armband with a star-because that, at least, you could take off.

"In fact, the only thing that has changed is that you've taken away our ability to fight back, when the time comes. And, boys and girls, the time is coming. All of your wishing and hoping and praying won't stop it. The mass of humanity won't tolerate our existence. Tomorrow, in ten years, in fifty-it's coming, and this playacting, my trial, its context will become abundantly clear.

"So, yes, I
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