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be that than what you are. What I would be if I pulled the trigger."

* * *

With relief, Girard sagged against the wall and lowered his gun, still not sure what he would have done if Garibaldi had gone through with it.

No, he knew. He wouldn't have stopped Garibaldi, but he would have arrested him, and then turned in his own badge. He was flexible on certain points-cynical, some might say-but down deep, he believed. Believed in the law, believed in right.

What he had done to Paulette-yes, Paulette, he could think of her by a name other than "my wife"-hadn't been right. That was the crux of the problem, the thing he had been dancing around. He could pretend that her reaction was extreme, that he was only upset because he'd been caught, that Marie was being a nuisance, that it was the inconvenience of the whole thing that bothered him. But those were lies. He was upset because he was wrong, and he had to look it full in the face.

But first things first. He took out his cuffs and went to help Garibaldi.

Chapter 15

The War Crimes tribunal facilitation committee met today, to discuss the feasibility of acceding to the demand of the French government that the trial of Alfred Bester be conducted in Paris and not in Geneva.

Speaking before the committee, French President Michel Chambert reiterated his claim that since Bester was arrested on French soil he should be tried there. Senator Charles Sheffer of the United States vehemently opposed this position, calling it a "cynical ploy on the part of the French government to exploit what will surely be the trial of the century.

"Bester stands accused, not by France, but by the Human race," Sheffer went on, "and should be tried in EarthDome."

A number of other Earth senators protested as well,
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