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been masked.

I've seen a lot of strange things, been to a lot of unpleasant places.
Back before the Jedi started protecting it the way they do now, I once made it
into the upper levels of the Sith fortress on Almas. That's about the only
place I've ever been that feels more wrong than Nub Saar.

It's like, you step on the place, and you can tell there's been a lot of
dying. But it's not just something in the past. It's like, there's still dying
going on. It's like you're standing in a room with someone, and their
respirator is failing, and you watch it keep getting slower and slower. But it
never quite stops. They're dying, but they can't finish, so they're always on
the brink, not really alive, not really dead.

That's what Nub Saar feels like. It's like you're in a place that's
almost dead, that wants to be dead, but that isn't being allowed to die.
Because that fear, that adrenaline of the last fight against death - -
something is using it.

I went into Nub Saar the first time looking for loot. I went in the
second time looking for answers. If I went in again, I don't think I'd come
back out. I don't think it would let me go.

The screen goes black. Then the words, "For more information, please
visit the following holonet nodes?" appear, followed by a series of addresses
that scroll past rapidly, then are gone.

Star Wars

Wizard's RPG Stories

source : http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=starwars/newsarchive
upload : 10.IV.2006

Thaere Is Not Your Friend

Scenario Supplement for Night's Homecoming

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