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a child to scare him
into behaving, that's because it is. There is something within Genarius that
we do not understand, cannot control, and must not trust. The explanation that
the radiation storms destroyed Nub Saar is overly simplistic because it does
nothing to explain where the radiation storms come from. Storms do not simply
begin for no reason, any more than a lightsaber can ignite for no reason.
There must be a trigger. Something must change the way the Force flows through
the lightsaber in order to ignite it, and something must change how the Force
flows through the clouds to bring about a storm like the one that destroyed
Nub Saar, or the one that threatened to destroy Tolea Biqua. Destruction is
the way of the dark side. As such, it can only be the dark side itself - -
manifested in the experience of those who assisted in the destruction of
Conkesta - - that caused the city of Nub Saar to fail, and that killed all who
were on the city when the storm hit.

I'd like to conclude with commentary from an individual who has been to
Nub Saar twice, on exploratory missions. She chose to retain her anonymity,
since visiting Nub Saar may not be illegal but is extremely inadvisable. This
has become even more pronounced with the regular appearance of Cularin Militia
patrols in the area surrounding Nub Saar. The individual with whom I spoke was
actually almost captured by the Militia on her last visit to the city, but
even without that close call, she would have been unlikely to return again in
the future. I'll let you hear it in her own words.

Mok disappears and we see the silhouette of what is probably a Human
female. When she speaks, her voice has the characteristic rattle-grind of
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