Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

with the proper equipment. When the
Cartel learned of the situation, we spoke about what to do, and it was decided
that we could not allow Cularin to continue in such a fashion. It would be bad
for all of us if someone were to learn too much or see too much. Very bad.

So, to show how much we love you and how much we care, today we exploit
the weakness in the system to demonstrate just how flawed the system is. That
is right, we love you enough to exploit weaknesses in your defenses!

But only to help, of course. We would never, never use any information
that we gained about the financial policies of Governor Chistor's
administration to our own advantage. Goodness no! And we would certainly never
consider capturing encrypted data sent from the Jedi academy to the Jedi
Council on Coruscant, decrypting it, and selling it to someone else. Not the
Cartel! And it goes without saying that we would not even consider paying
attention to transmissions from gracious Lord Nirama's ships to

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