Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

By Morrie Mullins

Former Living Force Plot Director and Campaign Designer

Thurm Loogg and the Metatheran Cartel have not enjoyed much popularity in
Cularin over the past few years. Following the debacle with the ch'hala grove
(widely regarded by the Cartel as a "nightmare," though whether they use this
word in terms of public relations or the actual effects of their actions
remains unclear), Loogg ascended to command of the Cartel in Cularin. His
predecessor, the late Velin Wir, did a great deal to harm the image of the
Cartel - - and, for some reason, Loogg has yet to undo the damage. Whether he
believed that simultaneously broadcasting the following message to every
receiving device in the system would help the Cartel's image remains (as is
true of so much with regard to the Cartel) a mystery.

Hello, Cularin! It is I, the beneficent Thurm Loogg, representative of
the omnibenevolent Metatheran Cartel, and I am here to speak to you.

Now, I know what you are saying. "Why is Thurm Loogg appearing so
suddenly on my datapad, or on my holovid? Is it possible that this face of
kindness could be where I did not think it was?"

Take heart, Cularin, for the Cartel is everywhere! This transmission is
our way to thank you for all you have done for the Cartel, and to remind you
how very, very much the Cartel loves Cularin.

How much do we love you? I will tell you. You will listen. Some time ago,
we learned that a certain problem had developed in the Cularin holonet. There
is, shall we say, a security breach. Oh, it is true, it is true! A most
frightening thing, a security breach, especially one that allows so many
datastreams to be accessed by someone
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