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depart this miserable backwater." He tightened his grip on his
blaster. "Do you not listen?"

With a shrug, Nill traded out the power cell in his rifle. "Yeah, I
listen, but you don't talk so good."

Ten seconds later, Vegg commed up to the roof. "Blade One to Blade Three,

"Blade One, this is Blade Three. We heard a shot, but we didn't see
incoming fire. You all right down there?"

There was a short pause. "Yes, Blade Three. Blade Two just had an
accident. He..." Vegg couldn't help himself. "He bought the farm."

There was just silence for a moment, and then the gunner on the roof
responded. "Understood, Blade One. Tragic accident. Be sure to file a report
if any of us make it out of this."

"Copy that. Out."

Vegg dragged the now-spare carbine over to his window and took a quick
look outside. Nill hadn't been good for much, but his wild shooting had kept
the Militia guessing as to where the next shot would land. Forcing them to
stay behind cover had been useful until now, but that wouldn't work with only
one person laying down fire.

Before he could duck down, a shadow fell over the Militia's side of the
street. Concerned that they were bringing in something big like a walker or a
tank, Vegg reached for his macrobinoculars. Even as he was bringing them up to
his face, he saw the shadow stretch over the street and cover the building he
was in.

The Militia troopers were looking up as well. One of them was gunned down
for coming out of cover, but Vegg didn't see the shooter. He was too busy
aiming his macros up into the cloudy sky. A shadow that big could only be
caused by something massive - - a tug maybe, or a transport trying to
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