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a deep, cleansing breath, Vegg let that one go. It was just too
easy. "That sounds great, mate. You're amply qualified for the role, I assure

Nill crouched next to the window and stuck his carbine's long barrel out
of it to scan for incoming forces. "Well, I don't know what amply means, but
thanks!" Sighting something, he pulled the trigger and sent a red bolt out
into the abandoned Tolea Biqua streets.

Knowing his partner's aim, Vegg felt certain the Militia soldiers outside
were in absolutely no danger. Only house pets, potted plants, and trash
dumpsters had any reason to fear Nill. Any reason at all.

"So whatcha gonna buy with your pay?"

Vegg grimaced. His counterpart was dim, but determined. Perhaps simple
minds had an easier time staying in a single track; he really didn't know. In
any case, experience had taught him that if he didn't answer the question,
he'd be hearing it all day. Only the potential - - and at this point almost
welcomed - - possibility of the building getting stormed and them all shot
offered any chance of reprieve.

"My family has had the same ship for four generations. I'm only in
Cularin because her hyperdrive blew while I was passing near the system. I got
towed here, and I've been stuck ever since."

Nill nodded and took another shot. Somewhere far past the battle outside,
a small animal howled in surprise. "Yeah, that's all great and everything, but
whatcha gonna spend your pay on?"

Vegg groaned. "A new hyperdrive, you dolt! The Coalition, the group of
businesses and corporations funding this government takeover, is offering
price breaks on its own goods to us, and I'll be taking advantage of it to fix
my vessel and
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