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Governments rise, economies are created, and
the quality of life improves for the majority of those involved.

But when the instinct is allowed to grow out of control, everything is
put at risk. When the lure of profit outweighs the cost of the actions taken
in its name, only one thing can result: disaster.

Still wearing his uniform cap backward like a complete Gundark, Nill
ducked back out of the window and sat down with a heavy thud. "Hoo-wah! They
sure do seem upset about somethin'! Whaddaya suppose it was, Vegg?"

His partner, a tired-looking Zabrak with no patience for the lame-skull
he was saddled with, said nothing. But when it looked like Nill was going to
open his mouth again, Vegg spoke in a vain attempt to shut the idiotic Human

"Oh, I don't know, Nilloc. Perhaps the ultimatum they just received? The
manifesto delivered to Cularin by our rather acquisitive and ill-advised

Still cradling his blaster carbine like a favored son, Nill looked at him

Exasperated, Vegg paused just long enough to peer out the window and
report troop activity to the gunner's post on the roof. Then, he dumbed down
his words a bit. "They are upset because the people who pay us just informed
Cularin of their desire to rule all commerce in the system."

Again, Nill just gave him a vacant stare. "Comm... erce?"

"Buying things?"

The addled soldier nodded vigorously. "Oh, yeah! I like doing that! What
are you gonna do with your pay? I want to get some land east of Hedrett and
start a farm."

It was Vegg's turn to stare. "You... want to be a nerf herder?"

Nill pulled down his helmet with a flourish and grinned. "Yep!"

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