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listen to more banter.
Some of the talk was valid - - prices on everything had gone up, flights in
and out of system were more of a hassle, and the Militia was becoming, one
might say, overprotective. Still, calmer heads prevailed and admitted that,
like it or not, the current situation was vastly preferable to a Republic
cruiser sitting over Cularin and another parked above Almas. Those things just
made Borrath nervous. They had since the day they first arrived.

"You want my advice?" The voice was Ogly's. "We should blow this system
and look for a better place to do business."

That tore it. Low profile or not, he had to say something. Hitting
transmit, he spat into his comm, "Name one system better than Cularin, you
star-snake. Name one."

The silence that followed - - and the rounds of cheering afterward - -
were all the answer he needed and exactly what he'd expected. For all its
problems, for all its hard knocks, there was nowhere like Cularin anywhere
else in the galaxy.


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upload : 10.IV.2006

The Price of Neutrality - - Rebellion

By August and Cynthia Hahn

It is a natural instinct for any living creature to try to survive. It is
a hallmark of sentience when that instinct expands to bettering one's survival
past the need for food and shelter. When this drive is a healthy one,
societies flourish, and the divide between cultural classes provides incentive
for competition and advancement.
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