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the same distance from the planet's core as the
red spot.

If you read published materials on Nub Saar, you might have learned that
the difference in altitude between Tolea Biqua and Nub Saar is 2,313
kilometers. My own research has determined this to be inaccurate. The actual
difference between Tolea Biqua's distance to the core of Genarius and Nub
Saar's is 2,313 meters. Less than three kilometers. Proximity enough seems
unlikely to be the sole cause of the disturbance at Nub Saar.

The difference is that one of the cities came first, and the city that
came first, for lack of a better word, awoke something deep within the clouds.
I'm not talking about the cochlera, either. I'm talking about something much
darker, much angrier. It awoke something I believe to be akin to a
manifestation of the dark side of the Force.

Like many of you, I?ve heard stories about what happened when a fallen
Jedi named Karae Nalvas created his own floating fortress deep within the
clouds of Genarius, with hopes to conquer the other cities and potentially
drop Genarius into a civil war. * He both built and populated it at a deeper
level than Nub Saar was built at, yet he managed to build it successfully. It
was only through the intervention of the heroes of Cularin that he failed to
accomplish his goals. When his fortress of Conkesta was destroyed, those who
were responsible for bringing an end to Nalvas?s plans report a burst of dark
side energy much greater than anything the fallen Jedi himself could have
hoped to control. Whatever it is that destroyed Nub Saar, I believe that it
actually helped Nalvas create his fortress.

If this sounds like the kind of story you might tell
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