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Wren, the planets of Cularin must now deal with the inevitable problems of
breaking away from the Republic. While freedom from martial law is certainly a
benefit, the many hidden costs begin to surface quickly throughout the system.

The saying should perhaps state, "It is far cheaper to become free..."

He pulled his freighter into line with the many other ships waiting for a
clearance window to leave orbit. Space might be huge, but that wasn't in
evidence over the skies of Cularin today. Right now, space was feeling

Comm static gave way to a fellow pilot's voice blaring over his
transceiver. "Okay, who else is sick of these delays?"

Borrath "Big Haul" Freelan leaned back and turned the volume down - - but
not off. He'd been waiting for the griping to start since Flight Control had
spoken the words "two-hour wait" a few minutes ago. Right on cue, the whining
had begun.

"Two by two, shipper." The voice was one he recognized as belonging to an
old business partner of his. Technically, the ship Ogly was flying belonged to
him, but the collapse of the system's only real Shipyard had destroyed all the
records. Borrath considered tearing into his "old friend" on the comm about
it, but that Bantha hunt could wait for another time. Besides, Ogly was small
sailfish compared to the load he was moving. Until this score was done, he
needed to lay low and keep quiet.

"Yeah! Who does Dal'nay think he is, setting up these checkpoints and
making us wait in line for inspections before we can leave or return

Another voice answered, one Borrath didn't know. "He probably thinks he's
the Militia Commander, which, last I checked, he is, you
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