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Nirama: Everything has changed. I have shown force. I have demonstrated
my commitment to my organization, and I have demonstrated my commitment to the
system in which we live. There are some organizations in which a title is
sufficient to garner respect, and too-free use of the title cheapens it. Any
herder of nerfs can call himself a "crimelord." To maintain power, one must
demonstrate that the title is deserved or, at least, that the power implied by
the title is deserved.

Yara: I thought I heard subtext there. Care to elaborate?

Nirama: No.

Yara: Riiight. Anything else you want to say to the people of Cularin?
We're a captive audience, after all.

Nirama: Be kind to the Oblee as you are kind to one another. That any of
my people have found their way back to Cularin is due almost wholly to
Cularin's heroes. Those who have assisted in this matter have my undying
gratitude. But do not assume, and do not allow yourselves to be convinced,
that any Oblee who transgresses is under my protection. Your kindness should
not become foolishness. If an Oblee wrongs you, treat him as you would any

Star Wars

Wizard's RPG Stories

source : http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=starwars/newsarchive
upload : 10.IV.2006

The Price of Neutrality - - Isolation

By August and Cynthia Hahn

It has been said that it is far easier to become free than to remain so.
Nowhere in the galaxy is this more in evidence than in the Cularin system.
Newly emancipated by the unexpected announcement of its former Senator
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