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of them that I wish
to speak.

Yara: I've heard a little about this. Some big to-do out in the Belt,
right? Yara's heard a few stories, but to be honest, she's a little confused
by what happened.

Nirama: She can join the club. What happened is not important in its
details. What is important is that I am no longer the only one of my kind.
Nirama is no longer alone, and this is a powerful, good thing.

Yara: Right. I guess it is. So, what can you tell Cularin about your
people? I mean, if they're going to be making their way into our cities, what
should we expect? Do they look like you? Do they talk like you? What is it
that makes an Oblee tick?

Nirama: There are as many different faces for Oblee as there are for any
species. Some will be like Nirama. Some will not. Some will be pleasant,
others less so. I have not met many of my kin, so far. I hope to. I hope they
will grow to love Cularin in the same way Nirama has come to love Cularin.

Yara: In a way that involves making money?

Nirama's twenty-meter-high face glares down at her. Yara shrinks in her
chair, fumbling with the datapad in her lap.

Nirama: You seek to throw my previous interview back in my face, you
wampa-furred harlot? Nirama said what Nirama had to say. When you become the
leader of an underworld organization, please, tell Nirama how to engender
loyalty. Tell him that the best way to encourage so-called "criminals" to
follow him in the years after a strategic reorganization is to speak with
affection of a star system in which they attempt to skirt what few laws exist.
Convince Nirama that this would have been the proper way to speak two years

Yara: So, what's changed?
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