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really wanted this interview to
happen, I've agreed to his terms.

She shifts in her seat, again glancing up at the N. It hasn't changed.

Yara: For security reasons, Nirama won't be in the studio today, but we
have a remote connection that should be active any moment. In the meantime, I
feel obligated to point out that it is only through the inestimable kindness
of Nirama that this interview is possible. In previous interviews, Yara may
not have carried herself as professionally as she could. For that, I
apologize, both to the people of Cularin, and to Nirama. Or at least, I will
as soon as he gets here. Or the connection does. Or whatever it is we're
waiting for.

Behind her, the N disappears. It's replaced with Nirama's face. His four
eyes blink as one, and he glances down to where Yara is seated, still
oblivious that the screen behind her has changed.

Yara: Happily enough, there's only so much groveling he can take before
his top eyes start blinking faster than his bottom eyes. I still think that's
interesting, but we're not going to mention that in the interview today
because the last time I asked him about it, it kind of freaked him out.

Nirama clears his throat. Yara, who has been facing away from the screen,
turns pale. Her eyes go wide and she forces a smile that makes her look like
she's about to get an injection of the lethal variety and is trying to think
happy thoughts. Slowly, she turns.

Yara: Hi! Gosh, is it nice to see you. Thank you for agreeing to this

Nirama stares at her for a few seconds before nodding. He seems to have
been waiting for her to make some vapid comment or other, and looks pleased
that she apparently
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