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it, no adults, less than two
kilometers from the Jedi Academy? It surprised a lot of people here, I'm sure.
Ariella's a little younger than me, but she takes care of the kids really
well. Then there's Gwen and Dani. Gwen's kind of the watcher in Gadrin, on
Cularin, and Dani's the watcher in Hedrett. There are probably about four
hundred kids on Cularin alone, living in all kinds of abandoned warehouses and
stuff. Gwen and I have been working together a lot recently, with Pthillip and
Arin and our friend Alurali - - ooh, and she just passed her trials, so
congratulations! - - anyway, we're trying to do things to help the kids, so a
lot of the Cularin duty has gone to Dani, but she's good that way.

If I had to guess, I'd say there's at least 1,500 to 2,000 kids without
homes in Cularin at any given time. As far as I'm concerned, fifteen or twenty
kids that no one noticed, that no one cared about, would be fifteen or twenty
too many. Something needs to be done.

I haven't set up any kind of charity fund, and I haven't tried to
establish any sort of home thing for them. There aren't any places where you
can drop off food. I mean, food isn't even what they need the most, they need
medical supplies, really basic stuff like antibio's and bandages. There aren't
places where you can drop that off, either.

I probably could go out and do everything that needs to be done. If I had
the credits, I mean. Which I really don't. This is all of our problem, though,
not just mine. You don't have to give anyone any food, or money, or medical
supplies - - but I want you to think about it. Actually look at people when
you walk down the street. Look at them, and think about where they come from,
and where
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