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make it so that you
can go and do something, some work or whatever, and get food. There's not
enough of that to go around, so there are gangs of kids that go out and scour
the garbage for stuff that gets thrown away that's still perfectly good, and
there are some who steal.

A lot of the kids who are lost have problems with the whole "right versus
wrong" thing. See, they're kids, and they don't have things, and they don't
understand why. It's like, people need to eat, right? And they need a place to
sleep, and warm blankets. They need other people.

But lost children are just invisible. It's hard enough to get adults to
really see you, when you're a kid. But a dirty kid, in raggedy clothes, who
looks like she needs a handout? Forget it. So these kids may walk around all
day, trying to find something to do, and nobody even looks at them. I know
what that feels like, because I was there for a long time. Nobody even took
the time to teach me how to use a datapad until I got here. I couldn't read or
anything, because nobody cared enough to teach me. I taught myself some of how
to use the Force, but even there, I was heading in a bad direction.

You know what happens to kids that no one cares about? They stop caring,
too. They do whatever they need to, to stay alive. I did some pretty horrible
things. I thought I had to do them, to stay alive. I don't know for sure what
would have happened if I hadn't done what I did, but since I became a Padawan,
I've wanted to do something to help all the lost children.

There are a few people who are already doing things. My friend Ariella,
here on Almas, watches over about seventy kids. Does it surprise you that
there's a hovel with seventy children in
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