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field of vision. The Lost are young people who live in the abandoned
warehouses and other hovels throughout Cularin, some on the main planet, some
in the floating cities of Genarius, and some in the lesser-trafficked
districts of Forard, scant kilometers from the Jedi academy. As a watcher,
Lora looked out for those children, along with a number of other young adults.
All of the watchers rose from the ranks of the Lost themselves, and they have
a vested interest in doing everything in their power to protect the displaced
children of the Cularin system.

As a Padawan, Lora has begun to make headway in raising public
recognition of the Lost, and she's trying to establish a fund to assist them
in obtaining medical supplies - - the most pressing need this little-known
subclass generally has.

One aspect of a recent lesson on the responsible use of the Force
involved asking the Padawans to demonstrate how to affect the minds of others
without actually calling on the Force. Lora's report, presented in holographic
form, made its way into public circulation and has raised a number of

[A figure flickers into being. She is a young woman, dark hair pulled
back into a tight braid. She wears the robes of a Padawan and a lightsaber
hangs at her belt. Three small gems form a triangle on the lobe of her left
ear, and a series of tiny hoop earrings runs from the top of her right ear
down to her lobe. She has her hands clasped before her, and her knuckles are
beginning to turn white. After several seconds, she begins to speak.]

Hi. I'm Lora, and I'm a Padawan at the Almas Academy. I'm from Cularin,
and I can't remember my parents. I grew up on the streets
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