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brilliant radiation storm,
reappears on the screen. Then the clouds begin to swirl, the arcs of energy
ripping and jerking from one frame to another, and the city's foundation
shaking. At the bottom of the screen appear the words, "Probabilistic re-
enactment" appear. We hear Mok in voice-over as the storm pounds relentlessly
on Nub Saar.

Many of us have experienced the radiation storms of Genarius. I myself
was on Tolea Biqua almost two years ago when a radiation storm threatened to
wipe the city out entirely as the shields almost failed. Tolea Biqua still
exists, though, as it has since it was constructed. Its shields have not
failed, but if they had during any of the many radiation storms it's
weathered, everyone who lives on the city would have been killed. Every man,
woman, and child would have perished.

The image shifts to a man on the streets of Tolea Biqua, standing in
front of "Riboga's Barge," the famous cantina. He shakes his head. "Never
happen. See, thing is, we're far enough out that we don't gotta worry about
getting fried like that. Nub Saar, that was just bad planning. Way too far in.
Too close to the planet core." His image fades, and we again see Mok. Now he's
seated at a desk, hands folded in front of him.

This is a common interpretation. But consider this.

He presses a button on the desk and a holographic image of Genarius
appears, rotating in front of him. A bright red spot glows within its clouds.

This is the location of Nub Saar. Please note its proximity to the core
of Genarius. Now, let's take a look at Tolea Biqua.

Another glowing spot appears. It's on the opposite side of the planet
from Nub Saar, but is almost
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