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and then the bolts of light
tore through the air toward her. She barely had time to ignite her 'saber
before they reached her. The first three were parried cleanly, but the
surprise of the attack let the fourth get through and slam into her forearm.

Pain shot through her hand, and her lightsaber fell to the ground,
sputtering and fading as it dropped. The figure flew into the air, a pair of
rocket plumes trailing behind as it closed the distance in a heartbeat. She
summoned the Force in desperation and slammed the flying shape as hard as she
could, but it was not enough to keep her opponent away. Picking up her 'saber
with her good hand as quickly as she could, the Padawan rose up just in time
to block a powerful overhead strike from a dark metal blade.

The figure was right on her now, not that she could see it clearly. The
bright light of the blaster bolts and the blue glow of her own lightsaber made
it hard to make out her silhouetted attacker. She had not seen any of them
clearly, nor had any of the others before they had been killed. Whoever - - or
whatever - - these hunters were, they had been impossible to shake and
seemingly immune to the Force. She tried to affect her foe's mind again, but
there was nothing there. It was like reaching into a void.

Mindless or not, the armored hunter had great skill. It was everything
she could do to block its masterful strokes. Strangely, the curved weapon in
its gauntleted hands was not being cut apart by contact with her lightsaber.
Stranger still was the faint singing hum the blade made as it arced through
the air with each swing. It was almost hypnotic...

With a frantic push of the Force, she managed to drive her foe back
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