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tall metal tower with a transmitter a
few blocks away. That would suffice to send her warning. Now to get there and
- -

A clap of thunder and a shock of pain roused her from her vision. The
alley wall a meter from her head was smoldering, and tiny pieces of shattered
stone had sprayed her face and arm. They had found her! Before their next
shots could land more accurately, she ignited her lightsaber and blocked the
incoming fire. Too shaken to send the blaster shots back at her hunters, she
opted instead for a Force-assisted jump to take her out of the alley and onto
a nearby rooftop.

From there, it was only a dozen buildings or so to the transmitter. She
could see it in the distance, lit up from below with the gaudy yellow and red
lights of a vid-cast station. The station's listeners would have to tolerate a
little down airtime; this was Jedi business. What she had to tell Almas might
be the most important Jedi business in the history of Cularin. Two Padawans
and her master had already lost their lives over it.

She jumped from rooftop to rooftop, the Force propelling her farther than
muscle alone could. On the sixth building, she paused long enough to look
back. The skyline of Hedrett was a row of shadows in the thin moonlight,
uninterrupted save for the arcs of light from the industrial starport guiding
transports in from orbit. She would need to make her way there and get off-
planet as soon as she sent her message. Cularin was no longer safe for her. It
was not safe for any Jedi now.

She turned around and started to run again. She had taken only a few
steps when a burst of blaster fire lit up the rooftop ahead. A lone figure was
briefly illuminated in the red glow of its weapon,
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