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has spoken.

Kill the Jedi. Kill them all.

Only her Jedi training saved her from unconsciousness or worse when the
back of her swoop burst into flames. She leaped clear of the hurtling vehicle
just before it impacted a wall and exploded. Tumbling to escape the shockwave,
she hit the ground hard and rolled into the nearest alley. Shaken but not
badly injured, she stood up and looked around. The shadows of Hedrett at night
were thick. She could see the lights of Cantina Row at one end of the alley,
but that was the direction from which she had come; she did not dare head back
that way.

She tried to get her comlink to work again, but the signal was still
dead. Almas had to be warned. If she could not get a message off by herself,
she would have to use civilian equipment. There had to be a comtower around
here somewhere. Her datapad was still down, too, so she could not use a map.
Without guidance, she was done for, so she took a chance and leaned into the
shadows to use the Force.

In her mind's eye, the young Padawan saw a rolling tide of darkness
closing in on her. Fighting back her mounting fear, she pushed past these
shadow clouds and searched for her goal - - a communications array she could
use to warn Almas of what her master had learned. Her master... She tried to
suppress the terrible sadness and loss that suddenly flooded her mind at the
thought of him. Her mind needed to be clear if her Farsight was to work. Any
emotion would darken the Force and make it impossible to see.

Her meditation began to work. The images of her master's sudden death
disappeared. There would be time to mourn his loss later. Right now, she
needed what was becoming clear to her, a
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