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standing in the archway - - to enter. "Not a concern, Master
Jeht. I asked you to give me all you had. You did. I see nothing to apologize
for." He clicked the weapon onto his belt again. "Perhaps Devan here will be
more of a challenge for you."

Darrus nodded, and life flared into his lightsaber again. "The other
reason I was holding back was because she had not arrived yet. With your
permission, sir, I would like to begin the evaluation now."

Lanius and Devan looked first at each other, and then at the black-robed
Jedi in the middle of the training hall. "But you just definitely finished
with me," said Lanius. "Do you mean to test Master Devan next?"

Devan shrugged out of her over-robe and hefted her unlit lightsaber with
a sure and steady hand.

Darrus shook his head. "No, sir. I mean to begin the evaluation of you
both. If you come to either side of the circle, we can begin."

Devan scoffed. "Master Jeht, you overextend yourself. I commend your
skill, but surely you do not mean to take on both of us at once? One weapon
against two is not a fair contest." She moved as she spoke, however, shadowing
Lanius as he stepped to Darrus's far left side.

Master Jeht nodded. "I agree." He reached out to the pile of robes he'd
shed before entering the circle with Master Qel-Bertuk. There was a rustle of
silk as something hurtled toward him. The finely wrapped hilt of a long,
curved metal blade slapped hard into his gloved hand. Its scabbard slid off
gracefully and returned to the pile, revealing a midnight-colored sword with a
slightly waved temper line down its edge. A soft echo sounded down its length,
a whisper of a song that filled the fighting hall with a faint,
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