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off his lightsaber. Darrus
immediately pulled his own weapon back, turned it off, and stood at the ready.

"I have no desire to continue this duel if you insist on holding back,
Master Jeht." Lanius looked annoyed, though not overly so, as he started to
return his saber to the wide leather belt around his waist. "I am missing a
meal for this, and I do not wish to be scolded by my droid for no good reason.

Darrus nodded and re-ignited his blade. Its violet light washed over his
face as he raised it in salute. "My apologies, sir. I wanted to evaluate your
skills, and I was afraid I could not do that if the contest ended too quickly.

Lanius chuckled. "Oh, really? I don't think so." His weapon leaped off
his belt and into his hand of its own accord, hissing to life. "Ready to fight
me with everything you have now?"

A quick nod was the only reply. It was enough. Lanius launched himself
into the duel, and a moment later, he was on the ground, his saber thrown
across the room, a long shaft of purple light angled down toward his throat.

Devan blinked. It had happened so quickly that even her Jedi perception
had difficulty following the action.

Master Qel-Bertuk, still gasping from the kick to his stomach, looked up
the humming blade at Darrus into his utterly black eyes. "I stand corrected."
Then he added, with a wry smile, "That is, if I am allowed to stand again."

The lightsaber flickered into darkness as Darrus helped Lanius to his
feet. "I am sorry, sir. It was not proper of me to introduce physical attacks
into the duel. I will refrain from that in the future."

Lanius walked over and picked up his lightsaber, and then gestured for
Devan - - still
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